Avon brochure 7 July 2017 South Africa


Ladies never have enough space for all the makeup right? Especially when the important trip is coming closer, and we don't know where to put all our stuff. Avon has thought of cute traveling bag with enough space for everything you might need! It has three zipped compartments, panels for eyeliners and brushes, so you don't have to worry anymore about your beauty routine on a trip! 

On page 25 you'll find creamy powder you always wanted! Avon listens to customers' needs, and new product is here: Extra Lasting Crème-To-Powder! It will give you flawless coverage, it will last all day, and it will feel great on your skin! This foundation has protective shield which prevents oil and humidity to wear off the color. It will minimize the pores, so you can enjoy in flawless skin day and night!

From page 43 ladies will be happy to see amazing bags for every style! Vivian handbag is made of leather and it goes with business style; Christine is perfect for casual everyday outfits, it has beautiful patterns; and Phoenix collection offers you weekender and a matching wallet! Choose your favorite purse and you're ready to go!

Pearls have always been a symbol of class and style. Today, we wear pearls mostly for special occasions, but they can be very convenient for a more casual outfit too. On page 46, Avon offers you Ruth Gift Set, set of white pearls! It includes a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet of beautiful design, so hurry! They can be yours.

Page 60 has something revolutionary for you: Active Moisture and Lightweight Facial Oil! This product will be your skin's best friend! It evens the skin tone, boosts skin’s firmness, protects, reduces wrinkles, boosts radiance! It's helpful for every skin type, and it will bring youth back to you. Your skin will love it, so try it!

Page 72 brings you a real spa treatment for your skin! Body cream, hand cream, and face mask will completely recover your skin, and you'll enjoy in relaxing effects! These products are full of cinnamon, argan oil, sage extract, nutmeg extract, and rhassoul oil! You will have youthful glow again, and healthy look with minimized pores. Moisturize each part of your body, and feel the delicate ingredients on your skin! Avon's always here to take of you and your skin, so make the most of it in this brochure too! 

Avon brochure 7 July 2017 South Africa - Video.