Avon brochure 6 June 2017 South Africa


Matte lipsticks are a great hit this season, and you can find one for you on page 4! Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipsticks are made for the smoothness of your lips, and they won't cake or crack! Colors are bold and amazing: superb wine, au naturale, red supreme, hot plum... Each color will put an emphasis on your personality, so these lipsticks are a must-have for your makeup case! There's nothing better than a matte lipstick with nourishing effects!

On page 5 are Avon True Color eye glimmersticks for your perfect seductive eyes! Make a perfect line in amazing color. They have color dense formula, and the texture is made for precise line. Glimmersticks will last up to 10 hours, so you don't have to worry about smudging or ugly lines on your lids. Your eyes will stand out, and the color will grab everyone’s attention!

On page 20 is something great for men: Avon Individual Blue! This is great idea for a gift, for some special occasion, or if you simply want to surprise your partner. This perfume will complement him with scents of grapefruit, lavender, and masculine musk! It's fresh, it's watery, so it will be very nice for a little fresh-up every day!

When you want to find a nice coverage for imperfections on your face, then open page 33. You'll discover Avon True Color Cream-to-Powder Foundation! Choose your perfect shade and make your skin flawless and healthy! Foundation helps with skin tone, small imperfections, and it will make your face radiant with healthy glow. It's suitable for every skin type, so don't hesitate to try it this season!

What's hot this winter? Well, the answer is, multicolored lids, glossy lips, flawless face! From page 40 you can find everything you need for perfect look this winter! Eyeshadow sticks, waterproof mascaras, lip balms, Color Trend lipsticks, face primers, concealers, foundations with SPF! Be beautiful, be colorful, and enjoy the season with wonderful makeup!

On page 52 Avon offers you solution for skin around your eyes. Anew Clinical has prepared Firm Eye Lift System for the sensitive and delicate skin, and if you use it regularly, you'll be thrilled with the results! It's technologically formulated to enhance and lift the skin around eyes, and in just four weeks, you’ll notice big difference! It'll provide instant tightening benefits, and instant hydration. Try this miraculous cream for youthful look and regenerated skin! Stay beautiful and always take care of that beauty!  

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