Avon brochure 3 March 2017 South Africa


Avon's introducing new makeup line, so on first pages of the catalog, you have the pleasure to inform yourself about the latest news: Mark makeup! Make your mark! For your beauty that simply must be noticed, try Avon's Mark products: lipsticks for plumper lips, Spectralash mascara for seductive intense lashes, high drama eyeshadows! Try everything, and you won't be disappointed! 

On page 17, take a look at the greatest trend this year – matte lipsticks! Avon True Color has various matte lipsticks for the immense and unforgettable beauty of your lips! Even though they have a matte effect, your lips will still be moisturized and you don't need to worry about the ugly dryness that usually appears after some time. These lipsticks are designed to make your lips bold and hydrated! 

From page 18 check out Avon's great beauty sale! You'll find everything: True Color mascara, eyeshadows, compact mirror, eye pencils, nail enamels for fruity and colorful nails! The prices are mind blowing, and the products are your favorites! Avon's always in the mood for big sale! 

If you're a bag lover, then open pages 51-55, and there's a little bit of heaven for you! If you love practical bags that are foldable and perfect for travels, then Avon brochure 3 2017 has Naomi bag for you! Or, if you're searching for elegant and classy bag, then take the Blaire classic bag! Every woman needs a purse that goes just with anything and fits her style; so open these pages and enjoy! 

On page 57 Avon presents its first metal watches! For him and for her, of course, there's a perfect watch for everyone! For women Avon has prepared rose gold with stylish diamond details! And for men, silver toned metal strap with black inner face! Watches are amazing, and they go with sophisticated style, but also they're perfect as a special gift...

And for all ladies who love earrings, on page 63 there's something to tickle your imagination: beautiful set of 7 pairs of earrings! They are made of silver and gold, and they all feature a precious stone as a stunning detail! They'll look lovely when paired with your style, so just choose your favorite pair! 

Avon brochure 3 March 2017 South Africa - Video.