Avon brochure 6 June 2018 South Africa


The motto of this month is “This is made for me” and it offers you a wide range of products which are developed specially for particular types of skin, hair and personality. It begins from cream coverage and some kinds of foundation and finishes with the last preparations for the perfect image such as mascaras, eyeliners and lipsticks. The fantastic colors of matte lipsticks can add to your make up the note of brightness and freshness.

Moreover, shiny and extra healthy hair you could have if you use 4R lines: rebuild, renew, restore or refresh. For this purpose it will be more than enough to pick up one and enjoy the jealous glimpses of others!!

This winter don’t forget to take care about your skin and Avon brochure 6 is glad to present you nourishing creams and moistures for everyone in your family without exceptions.

Hurry up to pamper your little ones with bath time products just to make this activity more pleasant and funny!

Wonderful sets of well – known fragrances are presented in different states so as perfume or body lotions which can be a nice present for any event. If to talk about special gifts it is necessary to mention charming sets for men which are proposed by Avon brochure June.

Also there you can find a lot of beauty products for excellent make up and marvelous look!

Be unique with Avon just to be out of the crowd because you are so gorgeous!!

Avon brochure 6 June 2018 South Africa - Video.