Avon brochure 3 March 2018 South Africa


The best time for blooming beauty came! Avon brochure will make you more gorgeous and outstanding with its products, which were thoroughly prepared for everyone.

This time Avon offers you to flaunt yourself, using new epic lipstick with intense color, that lasts in just 1 swipe and make your lips incredible with juicy head – turning colors! Also, the most unforgettable look can be reached with amplifying your lashes by trying new mascara from page 2. But don’t forget about other products to make your face radiant with natural beauty, such as eyeliners and cream-to-powder foundation.

In this brochure Avon gives you an opportunity to create your fragrance wardrobe with stylish and powerful scents as well as new ones as famous. The great variety of them let you feel different depending on chosen scent.

Everyone wants to be in the top, but to climb to it will be more pleasant when your nails are on point. So look for your color on pages 40-41, 52-53.

The range of sparkling jewelry pieces and the nicest gift sets help you to complete the look.

Bags of different colors, textures and styles make your image fully completed. Beautiful sunglasses from this brochure will protect the tender skin of your eyes from the bright sun.

Perfectly designed watches for men and women are presented on pp.104-112 to make you more fashionable.

Be trendy with Avon!