Avon brochure 11 November 2018 South Africa


Choosing of the fragrance is very personal. Avon gives you a great alternative for this. On page 3 you should pay attention to the line of Floral Oriental Scent. Any 2 for R109*. Don't forget to read notes with * and which are written in a small font.
Velvet lips from page 6 are so transfixed and impressive. Mark Liquid Lip Matte can make your lips as beautiful as on the page of brochure. Even a kiss can't spoil your own piece of art.
Nice combination of the purse and watch is presented on page 20. It is the perfect present for your boyfriend. This set will definitely improve his image.
Perhaps, everyone has heard about Kenzo Takada, but just in case Avon tells you about him on page 28 and shows you his new scent Avon Life for him. Exclusively for Avon.
"Spoil them with a fragranced gift" writes Avon and offers 8 deodorants for you to choose. 4 for her and 4 for him. Everyone can find one to his taste.
Awesome bag is on page 54. Here even your shoes will have their own place. It fits you perfectly if you travel a lot, move very often or carry a lot of money. :)
It is worth to mention Mark Big & Extreme on the page 58. Water proof mascara can increase the length and volume if not by 200%, then make your eyes more expressive and incredible.
Plumping Lipstick on page 60 is so tempting that every man will want to taste your lips. The gloss of this lipstick emphasizes the color. Black and white lipstick case looks very elegant.
It is impossible not to tell you about the charming colors of mark gel on page 66. The gloss makes your nails refined. The men will be happy to be touched with such beauty.
Beach accessories on pages 106-110 will make your rest pleasant. Hat and glasses will increase your confidence. On page 185 you also can find Boys and girls Sunnies with glittering effect on frame. It looks really cool! Don't forget Avon Care Sun+ for you and your children on pages 152-155, it will protect their tender skin from the sun.
Give to your loved one the key from your heart from page 119. Or maybe you'll prefer the heart or angel's wing. In any case you can make a choice from 5 pendants!
On page 122 there is an original watch with butterflies and dragonflies. It is so nice!
Avon Black Suede on page 216 will be a great gift for him. Moreover, to this set Avon gives you Free Gift Box. But the set is worth of your attention.
Unfortunately we can't tell about every item. Avon brochure 11 November offers a great amount of Exclusive Collections, bags and watches, creams and gels. In the last part of the brochure you can look for Very Merry Sale, which can also please you.
Be always positive, give your loved ones your gifts and take care of them.