Avon brochure 9 September 2017 South Africa

Review: On page 19 Avon has foundation that will satisfy all your needs for perfect skin coverage! It is made to last up to 18 hours, so you don’t have to worry or reapply it for a long time. It also minimizes the look of pores and evens the skin tone. Creamy and hydrating, this cream foundation will beautify your skin, and the price will save you over 35% of your money!

Take your home manicure to the next level! On page 26 take a look at Avon True Color nail enamel and Freeze Dry Spray! The first step is to apply the enamel that has high pigmented color, UV filter, and helps strengthen the nails; and then comes the second step: the spray will dry your nails in 30 seconds, and it will prevent your mani from smudging. Now your perfect manicure has never been easier!

Page 32 has new fragrances to offer, and you will enjoy them, and maybe even find your signature scent! Scent Essence collection is perfect for every day, it is fresh and flowery! Choose among three dominant scents: wild poppy, passion fruit, lime verbena! They are very captivating and playful, suitable for relaxed outfits and every day feeling of freshness!

Pages 40 through 42 present Anew collection Turn Back Time! These products can really make you think that time works for you! Anew Ultimate Day and Night creams can visibly reduce sagging skin and age spots; Anew Reversalist will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve your eye area; Anew Vitale will hide the pores and improve clarity and tone; Anew Flawless Bright can hide dark spots and the skin appears brighter. Identify your problem, and solve it with Anew!

Avon knows how much time ladies dedicate to their hair. It must always be stylish, clean, voluminous… That can be very demanding sometimes. But with Avon Advance Techniques set on page 48, taking care of your hair becomes a real enjoyment. With 7 keratin power technology, your hair will have the treatment it deserves! Shampoo, conditioner and mask have 7 in 1 benefits: against breakage, freeze, dryness, dullness, roughness, heat damage, split ends! Basically, everything that bothers us!

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