Avon brochure 2 February 2017 South Africa


First pages of the brochure are reserved for absolutely new beautiful perfume line: Little Lace Dress! When you feel sensual, and sexy, this perfume will add new seductive note to your style. Scents of jasmine, vanilla, musk and Indonesian dark patchouli are here to make your beauty aura perfect! Put on some lace and enjoy!

If you're in love with elegance and sophisticated style, then open the page 14, where you'll see the fashion love of your life: Diana watch! This watch will take your breath away! It's gold-toned, with dark leather strap, and has diamond details! It matches perfectly with little black dresses, or elegant business outfit, so don't miss your chance! 

And if you're a practical woman, then Avon has just right dress for you on page 22: Avon's First Multi-Wrap dress! The dress is made for women who like to have all-in-one piece of cloth! You can make it the way you like it: single-shoulder version, halterneck, short sleeve, strapless, basically whatever you need, you can create out of a single dress! The price is as good as the dress, so go ahead and grab it!

On page 45 if you order one lipgloss, you'll get another for free! Ultra Glazewear Lipglosses are made for women who don't like the feeling of stickiness on their lips when they put on their favorite lipgloss; they moistruize lips, and Avon guarantees the quality! Find your color, and wear a lipgloss without a fear of sticky lips!

Since Avon is the leading brand in hand-care, then you'll find your perfect hand cream on page 61! Avon makes your hands soft, hydrated, nourished, and the smell is simply fantastic: rosehip, jasmine, cocoa butter! Each is enriched with vitamins that are neccessary for healthy skin on your hands, and be sure that rough skin will be a past for you!

Avon Advance Techniques shampoos and hair-care products are here for you to make your hair gorgeous and full of healthy gloss and volume! On page 76 there's a whole collection of high-quality products for your hair: shampoo, conditioner, and spray! Each product is full of healthy natural oils like macadamia, camelia, almond, marula, etc. Treat your hair with respect!

If you want nourishing lotion for the whole family, then open page 89! Avon brochure 2 2017 has made a big pack lotion made for every member of your family! Oatmeal and chamomile will make your skin smooth and soft, and your family will be grateful!  

Avon brochure 2 February 2017 South Africa - Video.