Avon brochure 1 January 2017 South Africa


The very beginning of the catalog is reserved for ladies who chose the best products for you! Pages 3-9 are full of their recommendations, and you'll love their choices! Perfume Far Away is here, lightweight foundation, hair care products, moisturizing creams, etc. Avon has been here for years for all the women worldwide, and they handpicked best beauty buys. See for yourself, and find your beauty fav!

To make your eyes even more sexy and seductive, check out page 34! You’ll discover new way to emphasize your eyes by using only eyeliner and mascara. But not just any mascara, it's Avon new Winged Out mascara for super-long lashes! It lasts for hours, and eyeliner can just add the right definition!

Page 40 has something for women who like classic look: Madeline Bucket Bag! The bag is perfect for everyday style, jeans and T-shirt combination; page 41 offers style solution number two: beautiful jewelry set for those of you who are more glamorous; and page 43 can show you how to dress for success! Multifunctional bag is here for business women!

On page 45 you'll see gorgeous gift jewelry set at affordable price! In a heart-shaped box you can get necklace, earrings, and bracelet set with glass stone details! This is a perfect gift, and you’ll save up to 50%! It's a part of limited edition, so hurry up!

Since Valentine's Day is coming closer, you might already have the idea what to buy for your partner. If you still don't know, Avon brochure 1 2017 has an idea on page 48: men watches and bracelets at shocking prices! Save up to 60%, and have the best Valentine's gift!

For all the practical ladies, Avon has multifunctional bag on page 52: it's very stylish, and it can serve as a hanging storage bag! It's easy to clean, trendy, and it's basically 2 in 1! It closes with Velcro strips and has three inner compartments. 

For your skin care Avon has an offer you can't decline: on page 60, Avon Care collection offers all-in-one moisturizer, and you can easily get two of them! That's right, if you buy one, you'll get the other for free! It cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Use the sale, and take care of your skin!

On page 83 are Avon Care body lotions, and the sale is unbelievable! These lotions are enriched with vitamins and provide essential nourishment for your skin. Feel the softness, and enjoy in amazing scents of cocoa, chamomile, rosehip…  

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