Avon brochures 12 December 2018 and 11 November 2018 South Africa

Avon brochure 12 December 2018 South Africa

Avon brochure 12 December 2018 South Africa

Avon brochure 11 November 2018 South Africa

Everyone likes getting presents. But the most enjoying thing is choosing presents for your nearest and dearest and close friends. It is necessary to choose gifts very properly. Every detail should be thought out when you try to find something special for someone. Everyone knows that the best present is the one from the heart. This month Avon Brochure offers you a lot of items which can attract your attention in these holidays. But be patient and critical in choosing gifts for our close people because they deserve the best. View more...

Avon brochure 10 October 2018 South Africa

Avon brochure 9 September 2018 South Africa

Avon brochure 8 August 2018 South Africa

Avon brochure 7 July 2018 South Africa

Avon brochure 6 June 2018 South Africa

New month came and brought a lot of new and exciting items for everyone. And as usually Avon brochure prepares wonderful gifts and novelties which will bring you great pleasure and satisfaction. This Avon brochure is full of trendy accessories both for woman and men, scents which are picked just for you and even for your particular mood, original jewellery sets sparkling by its preciosity and mastership, comfortable and fashionable bags for any purpose. View more...

Avon brochure 5 May 2018 South Africa

Avon brochure 4 April 2018 South Africa

This month the current Avon Brochure presents you the products, which can pamper your dearest people in the world – your mothers!!! They are worthy to be awarded with your attention and, of course, with the marvelous gifts from Avon Brochure. So, let’s start our hunting for the nicest pieces for the closest people! View more...

Avon brochure 3 March 2018 South Africa

Avon brochure 2 February 2018 South Africa

Avon brochure 1 January 2018 South Africa

Avon brochures 12 December 2018 South Africa and 11 November

Avon has been there for you for over a hundred years. And for more than twenty, we've been in South Africa! Avon cares about the inner and outer beauty of women around the world, so all of the products are here to serve the purpose of women's beauty and style. Avon has won the trust of millions of ladies, and the success in South Africa was guaranteed from the very beginning. Thousands of women enjoy Avon's products and emphasize their individuality. For a successful woman, a good care, strength and power are the most important factors, and Avon always wants to help.

In every catalog, you can find perfume that's right for you. Avon uses only the best scents for the most amazing enjoyment during the whole day: vanilla, rose, bergamot, cherry, strawberry... And the brands that mix up these wonderful scents are Alpha, Imari, Far Away, Avon Attraction, Infinity, and so many other lines that will seduce you with magical perfumes! Depending on your mood, or the occasion, you can choose your matching perfume and be surrounded with good energy during all day or night. Catalogs are full of sets that are always at discount, so don't hesitate to choose your favorite scent mix. 

As far as makeup is concerned, Avon has the best quality products, and you know it! For your beauty routine, you can choose long-lasting lipsticks with mineral pigments, mascaras for the longest eyelashes, eyeliners for perfect lines on your eyes, eyeshadows for every event, lip glosses, brow liners, nail enamels, and the list could go on and on. Avon offers dermatologically tested products which will beautify and nourish your skin. In each catalog, you'll certainly find something for you at very low price, especially during holiday seasons. However, your makeup favs are always available for you at some special price!

For your skin care, Avon will give you only the best too! For all weather conditions, you'll find creams and lotions, moisturizers, cleansers, and all those products we need for well-nourished skin. Famous brands are Clearskin, Nutraeffects, Anew, Avon Solutions etc. Many of the products have anti-age effect, so there are numerous sets for various types of skin. Avon's technology has created skin care products that are absolutely safe, hypoallergenic, tested, full of vitamins and necessary minerals.

When you want to refresh your style, or just to buy something new, then take a look at Avon's jewelry and clothes offer! In brochures, there are plenty of ideas for your outfit, whether you're going to some special event, or you simply want to go for a walk wearing something loose and casual. Avon's collections will definitely give you inspiration for renewing your wardrobe, and for picking up a new energy along the way. Enjoy the shopping!

As a company inclined to women, Avon is actively fighting for women's rights and health by organizing crusades against breast cancer and domestic violence. If you purchase certain products, a percentage goes to these foundations. Avon in South Africa also helps in improving women's conditions, and provides financial support for the cancer treatment. Because health always comes first!

Whenever there's new Avon brochure, be prepared for plenty of surprises! Discounts, quality products, newest trends in fashion and makeup, new ideas, skin care routines... There's a lot in Avon's offer, so don't miss out on new catalogs!

All Avon brochures are presented for informational purposes only! Official website www.avon.co.za